Boss SY-200 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal Demo

Guitar demo of the latest synthetic wonder from Boss, the SY-200 Guitar Synthesizer.

The SY-200 builds on the massive success of the SY-1, taking all its 121 different synth sounds while adding 50 more to the mix for a grand total of 171 synthetic textures ranging from arpeggios, sequencing, bass synths, strings, ethereal swelling synth pads, stacked dual synths, leads and much much more. The SY-200 also features a programmable Control switch that can do anything from Tap Tempo, infinite sustain and pitch shifting, while expression in, fx loop and MIDI control add even more flexibility to it. But the real kicker is that you can now store and recall up to 128 presets on the pedal itself, making it a breeze to take these amazing sounds from the studio to the stage.

Gear used:
Squier J.Mascis Jazzmaster w. Righteous Sound Pickups
Boss SY-200 Synthesizer Pedal
Boss SY-1
EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run V2 Reverb/Delay
EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master V3 Reverb/Delay
KMA Machines Wurm Distortion
KMA Machines Minos Fuzz
BOSS EV-30 Expression Pedal
REVV D20 with REVV 112 cabinet