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AC Noises is a new aspiring pedal venture from Italy founded by power couple Andrea and Claudia (The A & C in AC Noises… clever!). Their focus is a simple yet admirable effects ethos: To make pedals that sound as beautiful as they look.

Hailing from backgrounds in the music and fashion industry, Andrea and Claudia know a thing or two about sounds and sights for sore eyes, and so far this has resulted in two absolutely stunning works of ambient art. Respira is a super versatile multi-mode Tremolo mixed with a gorgeous shimmer reverb, that lets you drench your tone in oceans of pulsating soundscapes, while AMA mixes a splashy oscillating reverb with a bitcrusher for worlds of cascading lo-fi textures. It’s clear that AC Noises aren’t just making pedals. They’re making ambient worlds for your sound to live in.

“Andrea was kind enough to send me their Respira and AMA for demos a couple of years ago, and I have to say that I was not ready for what hit me. The concepts of the pedals are fairly simple, but the way the effects become greater than the sum of their parts is just mind-blowing. AMA is a full-on nostalgia machine, while Respira is the sonic equivalent of the ocean gently rocking you to sleep. If you’re looking for your next atmospheric dream machine, then AC Noises should definitely be on your radar.”


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