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Founded by Poul Cioks, all the way back in 1991 in Køge, Denmark, CIOKS became Poul’s powerful outlet (there’s a PSU pun there somewhere) for creating something he saw missing. A high-quality professional solution for powering his growing pedal collection.

Poul definitely spotted a need before everyone else, and to this day, CIOKS is still the first and only company solely dedicated to creating power supplies for pedals. They’ve proven over and over again that their knowledge and attention to detail is second to none. But with their latest Future Generation PSUs, the DC7, Cioks8 and Cioks4 they have completely revolutionized the pedal power game yet again, due to their extremely compact designs and immense power on tap.

CIOKS simply equals a flawlessly performing rig every single time, so you can focus on playing and creating, instead of figuring out where that annoying noise is coming from.

“I didn’t really understand or appreciate the importance of a proper power supply before I tried CIOKS for the first time. Their DC10 revolutionized the performance and signal-to-noise level of my rig, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve recently switched to their latest flagship devices, the DC7 and the ultra-compact Cioks4, which in my humble opinion are the best PSUs currently on the market.”


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