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Collision Devices develop creative effects pedals with attention and focus on authencity and high quality. Founded by creative minds Baptiste and Denis they craft their designs based on shape, texture and materials used in architecture and luxury products. mingled with ambient noise and experimental sounds.

Hailing from France, they seek to distill mental concepts of nature into sound devices. This has resulted in two absolutely massive ambient shoe-gaze soundscape creators that are the Black Hole Symmetry – which harkens the crushing waves of sound associated with one of the greatest forces of nature, pairing a destructive Fuzz with the lush ambience of Pitch-Shifted Reverb and Modulated Delay, while Nocturnal takes you on an atmospheric ambient journey through never-ending sleepless nights, mixing a Shimmer Reverb, Dynamic Tremolo and Modulated Delay. These are not mere effects pedals but living, breathing ambient works of art to get engulfed in.

“Denis and Baptiste were kind enough to send me their Black Hole Symmetry for demos a couple of years ago, and I have to say they really have been able to catch lightning in a bottle with this one. This pedal’s tsunami wave of sound Fuzz paired with the dream-inducing pitch-shifted Reverb and modulated Delay truly rocked my world and even made it into my personal Gear of the Year selection of that year. If post-rock trance and shoegaze soundscapes are what you’re into, then Collision Devices should absolutely be on your radar.”


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