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In 2004 in a small basement in Akron, Ohio USA, Jamie Stillman founded EarthQuaker Devices and unknowingly planted the seed for the modern-day boutique pedal scene with pedals that didn’t just sound awesome, but looked awesome as well.

From that day on, the company has only gone from strength to strength, and is without a shadow of a doubt one of the biggest and most well-known pedal brands in the world. This is due to iconic pedal releases like the Hoof Fuzz, Rainbow Machine, Dispatch Master, Arpanoid, Plumes, Afterneath, Data Corrupter and Avalanche Run, which show how EarthQuaker Devices, as one of the few brands out there, can transition between being fine tone connoisseurs and mad sonic scientist with ease and grace.

It’s easy to hear that EarthQuaker Devices pedals are developed by real musicians with many years of on-stage experience, hence you’ll always get a stompbox that’s tweaked to perfection, giving you inspiring tones that always sit right in a mix.

“This was the brand that got me hooked on “boutique” pedals back in the day, and there’s honestly few people I trust as much as Jamie Stillman, when it comes to tone. Their Dispatch Master and Afterneath showed me how pedals can be instruments in their own right, and to this day they are still two of my favorite pedals of all time.”


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