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Based in Québec, Canada, Fairfield Circuitry has since 2008 been pushing the analog circuit limits, resulting in some of the most distinct and interesting pedals currently gracing the pedal scene.

When you see the beautifully minimalistic and hand-stamped enclosure of a Fairfield Circuitry pedal, you know that you’re in for something raw, honest and extremely special. From the warm and gritty analog echo wash of Meet Maude, the soul-shakingly beautiful k-field modulation of the Shallow Water, the extremely versatility and rich frequency modulation of Randy’s Revenge, as well as the epic fuzz tones of ~900 and the highly unique and gritty filter tones of the Long Life, you just know you’ll always get a device full of character with Fairfield.

“I remember trying the Meet Maude for the first time without any expectations at all, and left that session completely in awe. It felt like I’d been subjected to an endless warm hug. I was totally sold on Fairfield Circuitry after that. Then I tried the Shallow Water, and it’s one of the very few times where a pedal has actually made me cry tears of joy. That pedal is one of the most emotional sonic rides ever. After that I’ve been obsessed with the brand. These devices aren’t machines, they are an experience unlike anything else. You definitely need to try them!”


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