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Founded in 2016 in Texas, USA, Brad Jackson and his team seek to make pedals that travel the vast universe in between vintage goodness and modern pristine precision as they perfectly weave warm analog circuitry together with today’s digital control technology.

Their debut release, Prism still stands as a modern day landmark of how pristine and pure a Boost/EQ pedal can sound, and is just a true make-better pedal. This sonic fidelity ethos has been carried through to all of their other pedals, all while releases like Bloom Compressor, Golden Boy Overdrive and Broken Arrow Overdrive have received full MIDI control, making them incredibly flexible and suited for any rig out there, no matter how simple or complex it is.

Jackson Audio’s willingness to experiment and explore only got further emphasized with their Modular Fuzz pedal, which lets you completely transform the sound and topology of the pedal through small analog plug-in modules.

“Whenever I plug into a Jackson Audio device, I’m constantly in awe of how a pedal can sound THIS GOOD! Like, it shouldn’t be legal for something to sound pure and hi-fi. It was their Prism Boost that got me interested, that thing is seriously photoshop for guitar, while it was their Golden Boy Overdrive and Fuzz that sealed the deal, with their impeccable tones and extreme versatility.”


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Videos and Articles Featuring Jackson Audio

Jackson Audio New Wave Stereo Chorus/Vibrato In-Depth Demo

Jackson Audio New Wave Stereo Chorus/Vibrato In-Depth Demo

*Demo is partly in stereo. Please use headphones or proper monitors for the best sonic experience* Guitars and Synths used:
Jackson Audio NEW WAVE - Analog Stereo Chorus/Vibrato Jam

Jackson Audio NEW WAVE – Analog Stereo Chorus/Vibrato Jam

Loop composition using some of my favorite sounds found in the dreamy Jackson Audio New Wave Stereo Chorus/Vibrato New Wave
Gear Of The Year 2021 - My Top 10 Effects Pedals

Gear Of The Year 2021 – My Top 10 Effects Pedals

Let's spend the beginning of 2022 looking back at some of the most inspiring pedals that appeared on The Pedal
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