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If you’re looking for the true analog innovator in the effects pedal world, then you’ve just found them. Because since 1969, Maxon have been producing absolutely legendary pedals out of Japan, but at first not under their own name.

If we say OD808, some of you might say “what are you talking about?”, but if we say Tubescreamer, we’re sure you’re all aware of the tonal legacy that name carries. Well, those two pedals are one and the same. Maxon created the iconic TS circuit, but licensed it out to Ibanez during the 70s, which saw the circuit take on a legendary life of its own. Actually Maxon made a whole host of pedals for Ibanez during the 80s and 90s, which are now considered pure vintage gold, but most of them are actually readily available today under the Maxon name at prices where everybody can play along. Want those industry defining TS drive tones? Then OD808 or OD9 is the way. Want the most dreamy analog chorus tones of them all? Then dive into the divine dreamscapes of the PAC-9 and CS-9 Pro.

“To me, there’s two companies that’s shaped the pedal world we live in today. On the digital front it’s Boss and on the analog front it’s Maxon. It’s as easy as that. The Tubescreamer circuit would have been enough to cement their place in history, but honestly their analog chorus’ and delays are where their legacy is at for me. Their PAC-9 is just otherworldly good and analog delays don’t come much better than their AD-9 Pro. So simple to use, but so much care and finesse has been put into the final sounds and you can hear that from the first notes played.”


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