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Founded in California, USA in 2014, Meris is technically still a fairly new player in the pedal game. The industry knowledge within the company is staggering though, and spans several decades as founder Terry Burton, lead DSP Engineer Angelo Mazzocco and branding mastermind Jinna Kim have all helped elevate brands like Line6 and Strymon to where they are today.

Meris started out making 500-series rack modules, but moved into the world of pedals in 2017 with the releases of their now iconic Ottobit Jr, Mercury7 and Polymoon, which saw them reinvent the world of bit-crushing, reverb and delay with their focus on unique effect combinations and expansive sound design possibilities. They only took that sonic mantra even further with Enzo, which showed that a pedal can actually sound like a real synthesizer, and Hedra, which took pitch-shifting and harmonizing to new otherworldly dimensions.

Meris have already achieved so much, and brought so much to the pedal scene. The mind-blowing part is that they’re just getting started!

“If there’s a word I generally don’t use, then it’s game changer… but here… I just can’t find a better way to describe Meris and the pedals they broke into the scene with. The artistry and meticulousness in their pedal concepts and sonic delivery is just on another level, and to me, Mercury7, Polymoon and Enzo stand as some of the best pedals ever made. EVER!”


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