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​In 2011, Red Panda took the pedal world by storm as they released Particle, the first granular delay pedal ever. From that moment on, Red Panda have been focused on bringing the bag of studio style tricks you usually find in digital plug-ins to the world of pedals.

Red Panda mastermind, Curt Malouin is a different breed than other pedal designers. Where most come from a guitar background, Curt comes from a production and synthesis background, and where others focus on analog designs to begin with, Curt has always been knee-deep into DSP tech. So naturally Red Panda have quickly become the kings of cool, quirky and unconventional pedal designs, that include the bitcrushing and wavefolding tones of the Bitmap 2, the hi-fi reverberations of the Context 2, the sampled and mangled goodness of Tensor, the granular delayscapes of Particle 2 and the modulating and pitch-shifting echoes of the Raster 2.

The sonic fidelity and tonal tweakability of their creations is out of this world, and is sure to show you that a pedal is there to played in the moment, like an instrument in its own right.

“When you play a pedal, it’s like stepping into the mind of the creator for a while, and I have to say that Curt Malouin’s mind is unlike any other I’ve experienced. The sounds in his devices, and the way they unfold is just otherworldly, and really invites you to play and create differently. On top of that the engineering is spectacular, and the amount of features packed into these compact boxes is staggering to say the least. Tensor was my gateway into the world of Red Panda, and these days I’m completely infatuated by the reverberating stereoscapes in the Context 2.​”


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