Chase Bliss Audio Thermae Analog Delay/Pitch Shifter Demo

Guitar and Synth demo of the ultimate analog dream device, the Chase Bliss Audio Thermae Analog Delay/Pitch-Shifter

Thermae is at its heart a true analog delay that through clever fixed time manipulation is able to create pitch jumps for dreamy harmonized delay sequences. And with tap tempo, modulation, presets, up to 40 seconds of delay time and wild automation possibilities via Ramping, Thermae is set to be every experimental delay addict’s dream device. Let’s check it out!

Gear used:
Jennings Navigator – Tuned to Drop D
Squier J.Mascis Jazzmaster – Tuned to DAEAC#D
Yamaha VSS-30
SoundPrism App
Chase Bliss Audio Thermae
EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run V2
Mission Engineering VM-PRO
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Slider
Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 RI mic’d with an Aston Stealth