Cioks DC7 – The Most Powerful Pedal Power Supply in the World?

I’ve been a big fan of Cioks power supplies for years now, so it was a real treat getting to sit down and nerd out about the new Cioks DC7 with my good friend Christian from Cioks.

This fully isolated power supply uses refined switch-mode technology to give you 7 dedicated outlets with up to 660mA each, plus a USB out and a 24v auxiliary out for extension modules, making the DC7 the perfect choice as the core fuel provider for your pedalboard setups.

In this video we get nerdy about all the DC7’s amazing tech specs, but we of course also hook a ton of pedals up to this beast and unleash some crazy futuristic soundscapes.

Gear used:
Squier J.Mascis Jazzmaster
Cioks DC7
Bloom: 10 World app for iPhone
Meris Polymoon
Meris Mercury7
EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run
EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids
Empress EchoSystem
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star
Revv G3
Maxon OD808x
J.Rockett Majestic
Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets
Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 RI mic’d with an Aston Spirit