EarthQuaker Devices – Space Spiral Modulated Delay Demo

Guitar demo of the lo-fi echo dream, the Space Spiral Modulated Delay by EartQuaker Devices

The new Space Spiral delay is EarthQuaker Devices first foray into the world of lo-fi modulation delay. Built around a delay chip normally found in old karaoke and sporting a super-powerful modulation section inspired by their own Sea Machine Chorus, the Space Spiral is sure to offer all of the fluttery ambient tape echoes, drippy oil can delay and otherworldly repeats your mad modulated mind could possibly imagine.

Gear used in the video:
Simon Neill signature Classic Vibe Strat
LunaStone Pusher Boost
EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral
Fender Deluxe Reverb that’s being recorded through an Aston Microphones Origin mic