EQD Afterneath V3 Demo and Jamie Stillman Interview at NAMM2020

What has now become a 4 year running NAMM tradition, I meet outside the noisy NAMM halls with the mighty Jamie Stillman of EarthQuaker Devices to talk about his latest pedal releases. This time he brought something really special with him. Something I’ve been hoping for for years. The Afterneath V3. The classic Otherworldly Reverberator, but now with quantized expression and CV control over the DRAG control, for harmonized sequence jumps. Oh, and it has trails now as well, so the ambient party doesn’t even stop when you turn off the pedal.

We also talk about the best pedals of the decade, and generally just shoot the sh*t for a couple of minutets. Make some coffee. Grab a beer. Cuddle a pet. Eat some snacks, and then lean back and enjoy the talk and the tones.

You can learn more about the Afterneath V3 here!

Gear used:
Afterneath V3 Otherworldly Reverberator
Tascam Recorder