Gear Of The Year 2021 – My Top 10 Effects Pedals

Let’s spend the beginning of 2022 looking back at some of the most inspiring pedals that appeared on The Pedal Zone this year. Remember, this is far from an end-all be-all list. This is just my personal opinion, based on my personal experience with the pedals that were featured on the channel in 2021.

So let’s kick off the new year by looking back at the old. It’s Gear of the Year time! My life has been seriously busy lately, so I was honestly considering not making this video this year, but so many of you asked about if I could do one, that I couldn’t find it in my heart to let you down. So thank you for reaching out and letting me know that this type of video is appreciated <3 And as always, remember that this is not an end-all be-all list. This is just my personal and humble opinion based on the pedals that I managed to play on the channel in 2021. But I would really like to know what your favorite pedal of 2021 was. Because you’ve all played some epic stuff that I haven’t tried yet. Looking forward to your answers.

*The majority of playing examples in this video are in stereo. Use headphones or proper monitor setup for the best sonic experience*

Gear used:
Jennings Navigator
Squier J.Mascis Jazzmaster
KMA Machines Guardian of the Wurm
SolidGoldFX Lysis MkII
EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny
Jackson Audio Fuzz
Boss SY-200
Neunaber Illumine
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Sunlight
SolidGoldFX EM-III
Chase Bliss Audio CXM 1978
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Ramper
Red Panda Raster 2
REVV D20 with REVV112 cab
Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 RI