How to Connect Your Phone to Pedals & My Favorite iOS Apps to Use With Guitar Effects

This video contains a lot of stereo music examples, so wear headphones.

In this video I show you how to connect your phone to your effects pedals. I also reveal my 7 favorite sample-based/generative music apps, that I like to use with my pedals.

I started using mobile music apps together with pedals back in the beginning of 2018 after needing a break from the guitar. Little did I know that this moment in time would be the one to refuel my creativity. Mobile music apps see you use effects pedals in a totally different way. Letting you react to the musically unknown with your pedals, instead of having to create it every time.

I hope this video inspires you to try something new 🙂

Gear used:
iPhone 6s
Bloom 10 Worlds: Generative Ambient Music App
Coldplay Hypnotised: Generative Ambient Music App
Moodscaper: Sample based ambient synthesizer app
Pianoscaper: Sample based ambient piano app
Garageband: Mobile Digital Audio Workstation
Cycle: Sample based looper app
Spacecraft: Granular synthesizer app
Meris Enzo
Meris Polymoon
Meris Ottobit Jr
Red Panda Tensor
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dweller
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Rêver
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Alpha Haunt
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Procession
EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run V2
EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids
EarthQuaker Devices Levitation
EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master V3
EarthQuaker Devices Aqueduct
EarthQuaker Devices Night Wire
Neunaber Inspire
Neunaber Immerse MkII