How to Turn Your Guitar Into a Synthesizer using Guitar Pedals

Learn how to get supreme synth sounds using the EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay and Rainbow Machine alongside the Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude Delay.

The EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay is one of the most unique pitch shifters we’ve ever played. Its built-in distortion circuit enables it to create some of the most magical synthesizer sounds ever. Now combine that with the Rainbow Machine’s pitch-bendy goodness and the rich ambience of the Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude and you got one of the most lively and supreme synth sounds ever.

Gear used:
Fender US Telecaster
EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay Pitch Shifter
EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine
Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude Analog Delay
Fender Reverb Deluxe 65 Reissue
Aston Origin Microphone