Interview with Juan Alderete of Halo Orbit and Pedals & Effects

Interview with Juan Alderete of RaceX and The Mars Volta fame, and now currently in Halo Orbit all while running the amazing Pedals And Effects YouTube channel together with Nick Reinhart.

25min is nothing when you’re having fun and get to talk pedals with a dude as passionate about effects as Juan. This guy knows his stuff, and is known for daring to go where other bass players don’t.

We caught him passing through Europe while doing clinics for EarthQuaker Devices, hence we touch on subjects like EarthQuaker and their pedals, his use of pedals throughout his different bands, what triggered his passion for effects and so much more. So lean back, grab a coffee and get your geek gear on, because it’s gonna get nerdy in here 🙂

We enjoyed this talk immensely. Hope you do too 🙂