Keeley Electronics Loomer Fuzz/Reverb Demo – Shoegaze in a Box!

Guitar and synthesizer demo of the crashing shoegaze soundwaves within the Keeley Electronics Loomer Reverb/Fuzz

The Loomer is Keeley’s take on the iconic Shoegaze sounds of the 90s. Equipped with 3 unique reverb modes on one side, spanning from an auto-bending reverse reverb, modulated soft focus ambience and a shimmery hall, plus an absolutely monstrous big-muff inspired fuzz with 3 different voice modes on the other, this pedal is far from shallow, as every turn of a knob will take your further and further down the atmospheric wormhole.

Gear used:
Squier J.Mascis Jazzmaster
Tonfuchs Bulldog
Harley Benton JA-60
Yamaha VSS-30
Keeley Electronics Loomer
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Slider
REVV D20 and ENGL 112 cab mic’d with an Aston Stealth