KMA Audio Machines Astrospurt Phaser Demo

Guitar demo of the interstellar space ride, also known as the Astrospurt Phaser from KMA Audio Machines.

The Astrospurt is KMA’s take on the lush and atmospheric 4-stage JFET phaser. Often known for its one-knob design, KMA has elevated this classic phaser circuit to modern standards, sporting controls for speed, depth, mix, overall level as well as a unique emphasis mode, which opens a whole new world of crackling, screaming and oscillating phaser tones.

But that’s far from where the sonic journey ends. On the inside you’ll find 4 DIP switches, which lets you turn this pedal into everything from a growling distorted space-engine ready for take-off to a glitchy laser-firing ray gun built on alien technology.

Let’s turn it on and take a swirling ride to the darkest corners of the sonic universe