Ohmless Pedals Yara V2 Compressor Demo

Guitar demo of the stunning compression tones hidden inside the Yara V2 Compressor by Ohmless Pedals.

Learn more about the Yara V2 Compressor here: https://reverb.com/de/shop/ohmless-pe…

The Yara V2 Compressor sees Ohmless Pedals take everything that was good about their original Yara Compressor and propel it to the next level. Now sporting a dedicated Blend knob as well as a Release knob for more nuanced and precise compression tones, this beautiful butterfly will give you everything from subtle and smooth studio-like compression to all out squish and squash for extreme string percussion and endless sustain. This pedal just makes everything sound better!

*Please use headphones for the best sonic experience*

Gear used:
Fender Squier J.Mascis Jazzmaster
Ohmless Pedal Yara V2 Compressor
J.Rockett Majestic Overdrive
EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run V2
Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 RI mic’d with an Aston Spirit