Old Blood Noise Endeavors Visitor Parallel Multi-Modulator Demo

Guitar and Synth demo of the parallel multi-modulation marvel, the Visitor by Old Blood Noise Endeavors.

Inspired by the unique complexities of running modulations in parallel, Old Blood Noise Endeavors unveils the Visitor Parallel Multi-Modulator. With three different primary modulation options (tremolo, chorus, and phaser) and two parallel secondary modulation options (tremolo and chorus), Visitor immediately inspires new sounds in a single pedal format. Further strangeness occurs with the delay offset of the secondary modulation and the interaction of the secondary rate and the primary depth. This is a Visitor you’ll happily invite into your life!

Gear used:
Squier J.Mascis Jazzmaster
Moog Animoog Synthesizer App for iOS
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Visitor
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault Overdrive/Distortion
ENGL Reverb
KMA Machines Fuzzly Bear
Two Notes Le Clean
Two Notes CAB M