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KMA Machines – Tyler The Freq Splitter

The Future of Sound Design has Landed, and his Name is Tyler!

With Tyler the Freq Splitter, KMA Machines have set out to revolutionise the world of sound designing. With it’s two parallel loops, Tyler lets you create individual signal chains for your high and low frequencies, which you can then blend together as you please for a world of sounds you never thought imaginable before. Tyler doesn’t make a sound on its own, but try and throw your favourite fuzz pedal in the low pass loop and your favourite drive pedal in the high pass loop, and you suddenly have your very own unique home-grown dirt tone, which has the aggression and low-end heaviness of the fuzz, plus the punch and string clarity of the overdrive. And that’s just a very simple example!

You can also go into ambient overload. Throw a long reverse delay in the low-pass loop and a super-long ambient reverb, tremolo and an octaver in the high-pass loop for endless sustaining drones mixed with faux-reverse loops that never get in the way of each other, but instead dance a blissful interstellar waltz together.

Highly suggest you watch the demo below for a ton of musical examples that show the endless sonic potential the KMA Machines Tyler holds.

Gear used:
Fender Telecaster US
Baum Guitars Leaper Tone
Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 RI (mic’ed with an Aston Origin)
KMA Audio Machines Tyler The Freq Splitter
KMA Audio Machines Minos Germanium Fuzz
KMA Audio Machines Fuzzly Bear
KMA Audio Machines Moai Maea Analog Octaver
Greenhouse Effects Sonic Orb Phaser
Black Cat Mini Tremolo
EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral Modulated Delay
EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V2
EarthQuaker Devices Organizer V2
EarthQuaker Devices Speaker Cranker V2
EarthQuaker Devices Night Wire
EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run

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Two-Channel Signal Splitter

2.111,00 DKK


Germanium Fuzz Pedal

Fuzzly Bear 2

Upgraded Silicion Fuzz

1.359,00 DKK

Moai Maea

Analog Octaver Pedal

1.499,00 DKK

Afterneath V3

Otherworldly Reverberation Machine

1.890,00 DKK

Organizer V2

Polyphonic Organ Emulator

2.019,00 DKK

Night Wire V2

Harmonic Tremolo

2.099,00 DKK

Avalanche Run V2

Stereo Reverb & Delay with Tap Tempo

3.199,00 DKK

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