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Beautiful Noise Effects EXPLODER

Full-Range Distortion

2.019,00 DKK

In stock and available

In stock and available

Product Description

Beautiful Noise EXPLODER

Full-Range Distortion

EXPLODER is a highly expanded and modified version of the gain circuit from the WHEN THE SUN EXPLODES. A full-range distortion device with wildly more tone customisation options, and in a standalone pedalboard-friendly enclosure.

The gain circuit is a 3-way switchable hard-clipping pre-amplifier with 1000x gain amplification, running into an active 3-band EQ post-amplifier which can shape and sculpt your signal across the whole frequency spectrum, anything from gritty amp-like overdrives, to massively destructive fuzz tones.

An envelope controlled white noise generator (commonly used in analog synthesizers) can be blended into your signal which turns on and off with your instrument signal, which can add lo-fi sounds of cassette tape hiss, broken radio broadcasts, rainfall, or over-encumbering harsh washes of noise!

WARNING… this pedal is LOUD.

Main Features:

  • Full-range Distortion effects pedal
  • Highly expanded and modified version of the gain circuit found in the WHEN THE SUN EXPLODES
  • Distortion device with wide tone customisation options to sculpt the entire frequency spectrum – from amp-like overdrive to massively destructive fuzz
  • Hard-Clipping pre-amplifier with 1000x gain amplification with active 3-band EQ
  • Envelope controled White Noise Generator – as found in Analog Synths – for lo-fi cassette tape sounds, broken radio noise, rainfall or over-encumbering harsh washes of noise
  • Compact Pedal-board-friendly enclosure
  • Handmade in Newcastle, Australia
  • Powered by 9V DC power supply
    (standard 2.1mm, – center, 37 mA current draw)

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