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EarthQuaker Devices Arrows V2

Pre-Amp Booster

1.159,00 DKK

In stock and available

In stock and available

Product Description

EarthQuaker Devices Arrows V2

Preamp Booster

The Arrows V2 is an all-discrete tone sculpting preamp booster. It was designed with the intention of adding an additional channel of gain to all your dirt pedals as well as brightening up neck pickups.

Main Features

  • Preamp Booster pedal – Built on all-discrete analog circuitry
  • Designed to be stacked; Adds additional gain channel to dirt pedals
  • Dirt-simple to use – One knob to rule them all!
  • Brightens dark sounding neck pickups
  • Boosts midrange and tightens up low-end
  • True bypass – Silent soft-touch switching
  • New enclosure w. Top-mounted jacks – for effortless pedalboard implementation

The Arrows V2 boosts midrange, tightens up the low end and makes the top end shine while adding some push to drive your dirt into blooming sustain with excellent harmonics.

Its simple interface is no nonsense; a single control that will either boost or cut your signal. While the new V2 enclosure, with its top-mounted jacks, make fitting the pedal even into the most crowded pedal board a breeze.

Use the Arrows V2 to remove the muck from bass heavy fuzz pedals, push light overdrives into higher gains than you thought possible or even on its own to make your signal really pop with more pizazz.

All analog, true bypass and handmade one at a time in the weird pit of Akron, Ohio.

Additional information

Weight 0,35 kg
Dimensions 14,6 × 8,25 × 8,25 cm

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