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Morningstar Engineering MC3 MIDI Controller

Super Compact MIDI Controller

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Product Description

Morningstar Engineering MC3 MIDI Controller

Super Compact MIDI Controller


Everything you love about Morningstar MIDI controllers,
distilled into a pint-sized package, and more.

The MC3 is a fully featured MIDI controller that fits on even the smallest of pedalboards.
While size has been drastically reduced, no compromises were made in its design.
Main Features:

  • FULLY PROGRAMMABLE – 30 dual-paged banks with 3 switches
  • Quickly access 6 presets per bank simply by toggling
  • USB CLASS COMPLIANT – Drivers not required with MIDI over USB – control your DAWs and software like Ableton Live and Logic Pro
  • 4 TRS MIDI OUTPUTS – Independent 3.5mm (1/8 inch) TRS MIDI outputs to control more devices.
  • EASY EDITING – Easily program the MC3 on the device itself, or with the Morningstar MIDI Editor – Programming the MC3 has never been easier
  • OMNIPORT – 1/4 inch TRS MIDI Out, Aux Switch Input or Expression Pedal Input
  • EXTREMELY COMPACT – Allows for easy integration into pedalboards and rigs

In addition to its 5-pin MIDI output, the MC3 boasts four 3.5mm (1/8 inch) TRS MIDI
outputs, the first ever on a dedicated MIDI controller.
The decision to use 3.5mm jacks has allowed the MC3 to have 4 independent TRS
MIDI outputs despite its tiny form factor.

3.5mm MIDI outputs let you connect directly to devices with 3.5mm MIDI input and devices with 1/4 inch TRS MIDI inputs, with just a simple 3.5mm to 1/4 inch headphone adaptor.

With 3 switches and the ability to toggle between 2 pages per bank, you have quick access to 6 fully programmable presets in each of the 30 banks.

Like all Morningstar MIDI controllers, the MC3 can control
any device that accepts MIDI.

The MC3 is fully programmable and capable of sending up to
16 different MIDI messages per switch.

MIDI messages can be sent simultaneously, or triggered separately by performing different actions. This gives you precise and customizable control with just one switch.

Within its compact chassis, the MC3 offers unparalleled control, meeting the needs of even the most demanding musician and to whom space is premium.

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