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Morningstar Engineering Relay Interface

Super Compact MIDI Splitter

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Product Description

Morningstar Engineering Relay Interface

Omniport Relay Switching Interface



Unfortunately this product is discontinued and sold out, please contact us about alternatives!


The Relay Interface allows you to send relay switch signals with your Morningstar controller. All you need to do is attach the relay interface to one of your controller’s Omniports.
Now you can control devices with relay switch inputs even if they don’t have MIDI.

Some such devices are:

  • Guitar amps
  • Delay pedals with tap tempo inputs
  • Strymon pedals with Favorite switch inputs
  • JHS pedals with Red Remote inputs


Main Features:

  • NORMALLY OPEN’ OR ‘NORMALLY CLOSED’ THE CHOICE IS YOURS – You decide if the switch is normally open or normally closed per message sent from your Morningstar controller. This allows the relay interface to work with various devices even if each receiving device has different switching requirements
  • TIP, RING OR BOTH – Within each message, you can choose to pull the Tip to Ground, Ring to Ground or Both to Ground
    • TAP (Normally Open) – Momentarily closes the relay and returns back to the open state
    • TAP (Normally Closed) – Momentarily opens the relay and returns back to the closed state
    • ENGAGE – Closes the relay
    • DISENGAGE – Opens the relay
    • TOGGLE – Alternates between closed and open states
  • TAKES UP ALMOST NO SPACE – Easily mount the super compact interface under your pedalboard to save precious real estate. Being super lightweight, it will stay right in place
  • Dimensions: 83mm x 41.5mm x 30mm
  • Power Requirements: 9v DC centre negative (min 80mA)
  • I/Os: 1/4 inch TRS Omniport receive port, 1/4 inch TRS relay switch output
  • Relay Contact Rating: 120VAC or 24VDC at 1A


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