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Neunaber Audio Effects ILLUMINE

The Ultimate Reverb Machine

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Product Description

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Neunaber Audio Effects ILLUMINE

The Ultimate Reverb Machine

ILLUMINE packs 17 studio-quality reverbs, 50 presets, MIDI and powerful expression control in a low-power, pedalboard-friendly package with top jacks. Regardless of your instrument or style of music, ILLUMINE has the flexibility and tone you desire. Your creativity is the only limit.

Main Features:

  • 17 stellar stereo reverb effects cover all of your reverb needs.
    • Wet Plugin — as close to the Wet Reverberator software plugin as possible in pedal form
    • Wet v3 — same as the popular W3T effect in the Immerse Mk II
    • Wet v1 — original reverb from the Wet Stereo Reverb pedal
    • Plate – Bright and diffuse like a studio plate reverb
    • Hall – Emulating the sound of a well-designed large and expansive concert hall
    • Vintage Digital – in the style of a vintage rack unit – sounds diffuse and synthetic, but not metallic
    • Spring – has a distinctive “twerp”
    • Shimmer – this is version 2 of our shimmer reverb algorithm
    • Rumble – creates a low-frequency drone for a deep, cavernous reverb sound – sounds neat on synths
    • Octaves – combines the Wet v3 Reverb with a dual octave generator, one up and one down
    • Wet+Echo – Combines the Wet v3 Reverb with stereo echo
    • Wet+Detune – adds a detune effect to the Wet v3 Reverb
    • Bloom – based on the Vintage Digital algorithm – builds more slowly than a typical reverb.
    • Swell – places a slow-attack, fast-release gate before a Wet v3 Reverb – like placing a volume pedal before a reverb to swell in reverb pads.
    • Infinite Hold – combines the Wet v3 Reverb with a hold (“freeze”) function
    • Sustain – built on the Wet v3 Reverb – magical effect that can be configured as a sustain effect or virtually infinite reverb
    • Gated Plate – Plate reverb with infinite depth and gated by the input level
  • 50 professionally-crafted factory presets for superb tones right out of the box
  • 50 user presets to customize and save your favorite settings
  • MIDI input & thru/out. Controller mode replaces a simple MIDI controller
  • Powerful, flexible expression control engine – Use an external expression pedal or the built-in A/B switch with adjustable transition times
  • Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency maintains the integrity of your source tone
  • Adjustable gain structure works with instrument or line-level inputs
  • High contrast, wide viewing angle display is easy to read from a distance
  • Small footprint with top jacks – easy to incorporate into your pedalboard
  • Made in USA
  • Powered by 9V PSU
           (9-12V DC, centre -, 2.1mm, 100mA current draw)

Choose your Reverb from 50 outstanding factory presets. 50 user presets, while your dry signal remains analog for low noise and zero latency. Connect stereo outputs for a huge, immersive sounding reverb. Want to change it up and plug into a single amp? ILLUMINE will sum a stereo input to mono with only output 1 connected. Connect phones to output 2 for a quick practice setup.

ILLUMINE’s flexible and low power requirements allow you to use a standard 9 V or 12 V pedal power supply or, connect ILLUMINE to a 100 mA output on a brick supply. The powerful, flexible expression control engine allows you to connect your favorite expression pedal or use the built-in A/B switch with adjustable transitions.

ILLUMINE offers MIDI Input and Thru/Out ports, and two 2.5 mm TRS to 5-pin DIN adapters come included with the pedal to connect your MIDI controller. Or use Controller Mode as a simple controller for your setup.

Download the free ILLUMINE Preset Manager software to import/export presets, and backup/restore settings and update the firmware in your ILLUMINE Reverb pedal. Create your presets on-the-fly using the pedal’s simple interface and use the Preset Manager to manage and rename them fast and efficiently. A bi-directional USB-MIDI interface is required.

Additional information

Weight 0,57 kg
Dimensions 15,3 × 24,1 × 7,6 cm

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