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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Signal Blender

Parallel Effect Blender/Mixer/Router

1.179,00 DKK

Stock coming soon - pre-order available

ETA: Late June

Stock coming soon - pre-order available

Product Description

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Signal Blender

Creative Mix Engine

Adding multiple pedals to your pedalboard can often lead to imaginative thoughts such as “which pedal should go into which?” or “what if my clean sound could be mixed with my drive after my reverb, yet before my tremolo?”.

Well the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Signal Blender is here to help with your signal flow and find new sounds, letting you be more original with your own tone.

Signal Blender can be used in a variety of creative ways, including as a parallel effect blender, an active ABY in both directions, 3-to-1 mixer, 1-to-3 splitter, volume level setter and so much more.

Through its pair of send/returns connections, the pedal offers an array of parallel routing options, primarily an input and output, volume control and switching.

This versatile stompbox, as part of OBNE’s utility line, also offers phase correction switches for both sends, plus clever switching allows for latching or momentary on/off action with trails. In addition, a 9v power thru connection is ideal for not taking up any more precious outlets on your PSU, perfect for that extra pedal you absolutely need to fit onto your board.

Signal Blender can be used as a:

  • Parallel effect blender
  • 3-to-1 mixer
  • 1-to-3 splitter
  • Active ABY in either direction
  • Volume level setter…and more!
  • Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU
    (centre -, 2.1 mm, 31 mA current draw)

Additional information

Weight 0,52 kg
Dimensions 14,5 × 11 × 9 cm

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