Riff And Run: KMA Audio Machines Fuzzly Bear Silicium Fuzz Demo

Guitar demo of the wild yet versatile Fuzzly Bear Silicium Fuzz by KMA Audio Machines.

The KMA Fuzzly Bear is KMA’s updated take on the rare Jordan Bosstone. KMA have added in a substantial amount of bass, which the original Bosstone circuit lacked, plus added a Bias knob to the equation (Skin/Meat), which opens up new tones never available in this classic circuit before. From biting old-school drive to raging fuzzstortion and all the way to synthy, sputtery fuzz tones of doom. The Fuzzly Bear does it all, and it does it all supremely well.

Gear used:
Fender Telecaster US
Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 RI (mic’ed with an Aston Origin)
KMA Audio Machines Fuzzly Bear
EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run