SolidGoldFX Commodore Overdrive Demo

Guitar demo of the gorgeous gritty tones inside the Commodore Overdrive by SolidGoldFX

The Commodore is SolidGoldFX’ spin on the iconic marshall bluesbreaker. It sees them fuse this legendary low-gain circuit with the Tone and Contour section from their own Imperial Fuzz, enabling you to create everything from scooped chimey clean boosts, meaty mid-focused low-gain drives and sizzling grunty crunch sounds.

SolidGoldFX made one heck of nice Breaker-style overdrive that speaks directly to my emo/indie/post-rock heart. Hope you enjoy the tones as much as I do.

Gear used:
Jennings Navigator
SolidGoldFX Commodore Overdrive
SolidGoldFX EM-III Delay
EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Visitor
Hamstead Artist 20 + RT Combo