SolidGoldFX Oblivion Quad Flanger Demo

Guitar, Synth and drum machine demo of the enigmatic and otherworldly modulation device that is, the SolidGoldFX Oblivion Quad Flanger.

With 3 different flanger modes, ranging from spacey through-zero to a massive and modern quadruple flanger, 3 different wave shapes, tap tempo, expression and cv in and an insanely cool degrade mode, which lets you introduce lo-fi bit-crushed textures into the modulation, it quickly becomes apparent that the Oblivion isn’t your run-of-the-mill flanging device.

This is a flanger that seeks to predict the future instead of recreating the past, and I absolutely love it for it!

Gear used:
Jennings Navigator
Squier J.Mascis Jazzmaster
Waldorf Streichfett Synth Module
Arturia Keystep MIDI Keyboard
TonePad Synth App for iOS
Garageband Beat Sequncer for iOS
SolidGoldFX Oblivion Quad Flanger
EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master
Dunable Eidolon Delay/Reverb
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Slider
Mission Engineering EP-25 Pro Aero
Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 RI mic’d with an Aston Spirit