Talking Meris origin story, product philosophy and new pedals with Terry Burton and Angelo Mazzocco

Had the great pleasure of hanging with my two biggest heroes at the moment, Terry Burton and Angelo Mazzocco of Meris. Meris absolutely dominated the pedal market in 2017 with their Ottobit Bitcrusher/Sequencer, Mercury7 Reverb and PolyMoon Delay. So I had a quick talk with Terry and Angelo about the origin story of Meris, the thought process that goes into every Meris product, and we also touch upon future Meris pedal releases. If you’re not hip to Meris yet, then you’re definitely missing out. So check out this interview, get to know the cool dudes behind the products and then rush out and buy your first Meris pedal. You won’t regret it!

Check out Meris here!