Tonal Teamwork: Nick Reinhart creates synth tones with the EQD Avalanche Run and Space Spiral

We recently had the pleasure of having Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos and Pedals And Effects stop by The Pedal Zone HQ. We hung out, had a talk, had some beers… but most importantly, we had the man himself do a Tonal Teamwork, showing two of his favorite EarthQuaker Devices pedals singing along in otherworldly harmony.

Nick conjures some cool ring modulated tones with the Avalanche Run and then pairs it with a quick modulated slapback from the Space Spiral for some super unique and super inspiring synth-like tones.

We really felt we knew those pedals front to back, but somehow Nick still managed to bring tones to the table that we’d never heard from them. Guess that’s why he’s the king of effects pedals 🙂

So sit back, grab some coffee and enjoy this wild tonal ride.