What Classic Fuzz Pedal is Right for You? – Fuzz School with Jay Leonard J

The crazy talented Jay Leonard J takes me to Fuzz School at 42 Gear Street. We run through two classic Fuzz types, a Big Muff and a Tonebender, plus one hidden fuzz gem, the Jordan Bosstone, in order to figure out what their sonic trademarks are and which one is right for you.

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Thank you to Henning for this awesome event, and thank you to KMA Audio Machines for letting us borrow some rad fuzz pedals for this video, to Maybach for letting us borrow a killer Thinline T-Style guitar, and to Laboga for letting us play all of that gear through their amazing Diamond Series amp.

Gear used:
Maybach Teleman T68
Laboga Diamond Sound 100
KMA Machines Dead Stag
KMA Machines Minos
KMA Machines Fuzzly Bear
Tone King Sky King cabinet mic’d with a Lewitt MTP 44 DM