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About The Pedal Zone:

“Welcome to the latest chapter in The Pedal Zone story.
What started out as a YouTube channel dedicated to the inspiring and exciting sounds that pedals can make, has now also become a store for the finest pedals the world has to offer, made by the most consistently cutting-edge brands out there. We take massive pride in offering a great experience for you all, hence you can always expect fast and easy delivery, swift, kind and gear-geeky support as well as new video content every month that’ll hopefully inspire you to create. Thank you for visiting, we truly appreciate it!”


Stefan says:
I honestly don’t know where I would have been if I hadn’t bought a Boss Metal Zone and Boss DD-6 back in the day on a total whim when I was first getting into the magical world of electric guitar. Once I discovered the otherworldly sustain of distortion, and the wild delay oscillations that could turn pedals into instruments in their own right, there was no turning back. This quickly evolved into a … well, I wouldn’t say obsession, because it felt and still feels more organic than that. It turned into a coexisting journey centered around sonic curiosity, where I was able to dream up sounds, and the pedals could help make those dreams a reality. This tonal relationship led to forming a post-rock band that would tour Europe, working at a renowned pedal company and to finally starting The Pedal Zone YouTube channel, which really propelled this journey into hyper-speed.

I quickly discovered that at the center of this crazy and ever-evolving trek wasn’t really the pedals, but the amazing conversations I got to have with all of my fellow pedal nerds out there. Helping each other out by sharing experiences, sharing knowledge and sharing sounds… And that’s truly what I want to achieve with this next step in the history of The Pedal Zone. I want to help you all find the inspiration that kickstarts your own magical and creative endeavor. Be it through new and innovative pedals that finally nail the tones you’ve imagined in your head for so long, or through video tutorials, blogs and demos that see you unlock the full potential of your current pedal collection, you’ll find it all here at The Pedal Zone.

We’ve partnered up with my favorite brands out there. Brands that not only make great-sounding and groundbreaking gear, but brands who are run by amazing people who I trust and love dearly, and who I know care as much about their customers and community as I do.

I am constantly humbled by the kindness from the ever-expanding community surrounding The Pedal Zone, and I will never take you for granted. Hence you can always reach out to us, if you have any questions about the gear we offer here. Me and my gear-nerdy team will always do our utmost to help you out.

Thank you for being a part of this crazy ride. It will forever mean the world to me!

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