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You’ve probably already guessed what all of this is about, simply based on the name of the site. The Pedal Zone is dedicated to pedals, pedals, pedals and even more pedals!

We’re not going to look at you all weird for having a pedalboard that’s fully dedicated to fuzz and nothing but fuzz. Got a weird delay obsession? Join the club and believe us, we’re gonna be the ones standing in the background applauding when we see you rocking reverb both before and after distortion!

Basically, The Pedal Zone Channel is your online sonic safe space. Your break away from normality and a gateway to a world full of fun sound explorations, all delivered through high-quality demos of the world’s best effect pedals and unique sound design tutorials. We also show off come cool tips & tricks and other fun tonal bits and pieces that our quirky minds can come up with.

So, if you like to get gear nerdy as much as we do, then please consider joining our great communities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, our dedicated Facebook Group, subscribe to our YouTube channel or sign up to our newsletter!


Most recently in The Pedal Zone:

You Need To Hear These Pedals!

You Need To Hear These Pedals!

Guitar Demo of 4 pedals we think you really need to know! A recurring “issue” here at the channel, is that I often get more pedals in than I have time to demo, since my in-depth demos are very time consuming to make. And that conundrum has become even more pertinent since I opened my online store. So many killer ...
KMA Machines MANDRAKE Octo-Shrieker Demo

KMA Machines MANDRAKE Octo-Shrieker Demo

This is the new KMA Machines Mandrake, a straightforward yet inspiringly versatile analog octave fuzz that can deliver anything from bone-breaking doom saturation to plucky synth adventures. Let's check it out. Gear used: Guitars and Synths: Baum Wingman Squier Jazzmaster Baritone Yamaha VSS-30 Pedals: KMA Machines Octo Shrieker KMA Machines Cirrus Delay/Reverb Source Audio Collider Stero Delay/Reverb Collision Devices Singularity Fuzz ...
My Most Horrifying Pedal Combos - Halloween Special 2023

My Most Horrifying Pedal Combos – Halloween Special 2023

You thought the scary times had passed! Think again! I’m one full day late with the yearly Halloween Special, and delays are hella scary… unless it’s from a delay pedal of course. But here’s your chance to prolong the enveloping escapism that Halloween so beautifully provides, with the most grand and epic The Pedal Zone tale yet, and some of ...

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