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Beautiful Noise Effects x The Pedal Zone

I am absolutely thrilled to announce, that as of today, these 3 awesome pedals from Beautiful Noise Effects are available in The Pedal Zone online store.

My story with Beautiful Noise Effectsstarted a couple of years back at an annual pedal hang, that me and some friends arrange. It’s nerdy, I know, but it’s such a great time and such a great opportunity to try some pedals that I don’t own. Because if you think I’m a pedal nerd, then you haven’t met my friends. At that hang, my friend Daniel had the Endless Sleeper and When The Sun Explodes on his board. I had of course heard about Beautiful Noise Effects before, but never had any hands-on experience with them, so I instantly gravitated towards those two, and basically ended up spending most of the day playing them. That is the ultimate test. If you get lost in a piece of gear for hours, then you know it’s good, and Nick from Beautiful Noise makes hella good stuff, so let’s quickly give these 3 a listen, so you can get an idea about what just landed in the shop, but I promise that more in-depth demos will follow.

Check out the Beautiful Noise Effects
pedal range in the The Pedal Zone store





A Dual Delay with in-built modulation, Bitcrushing and an oscillation switch – I honestly thought I had seen it all when it comes to PT2399 delays*, but this thing is special and contains so many cool sounds.

*check out some of my faves here!




Reverb, Distortion and Boost in one, with a modulated feedback path. So yeah, you guessed it. This is an instant shoegaze machine! Belton Brick reverbs have been mixed with dirt many times before** , but I truly think this is the best sounding one, particularly due to its great-sounding and flexible gain section.

**check out 3 awesome examples in this video!



This is a hyper expanded version of the distortion section from When The Sun Explodes. It contains the same 3 clipping modes, but also has a 3-band EQ and here’s the kicker… something I’ve never seen before in a dirt device… an in-built envelope triggered white noise generator. This thing is just so good!





Other Gear used:

  • Baum Wingman
  • Hamstead Artist 20 RT Combo

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Products in this video


Analog-Voiced Cascading Digital Delay


Full-Range Distortion

2.019,00 DKK


Reverb / Feedback / Boost

2.339,00 DKK

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