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Beautiful Noise Effects ENDLESS SLEEPER

Analog-Voiced Cascading Digital Delay

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Product Description


Cascading Delay

Unfortunately this product is discontinued and sold out, please contact us about alternatives!

Endless Sleeper is an analog voiced cascading digital delay pedal. Its versatile design of having two independently controlled delay lines wired in a series circuit, allows for the creation of a wide spectrum of unique sounds: from precise, subtle echo textures to total synthetic dream simulation.

While keeping the dry signal pure/analog from input to output, the wet signal passes through two delay chips, each controlled with DELAY (Mix), D. TIME and FEEDBACK controls. The delay time’s reach from 30ms to 1200ms, the longer the time, the further the trails degrade into grainy shades of low fidelity. Each delay reaches oscillation mode by either raising the FEEDBACK knob, or by holding down the OVERLOAD footswitch: momentarily maxing out both delay’s feedback controls for hands-free sonic bedlam.

Using the GLIDE and toggle switch, players can modulate both delay chips through an internal LFO: creating lush chorus/vibrato on shorter delay setting, or psychotic waves of pitch shifting madness when you push the D.TIME. The CRUSH control drives the delay’s output into an analog sample rate reducer, which crunches your signal down to emulate sounds similar to 8-bit gaming consoles and microcomputers of the 1980’s.

Main Features:

  • Analog-voiced Digital Delay effects pedal
  • Dry/wet mix control from 100% wet to100% dry, or ‘unity’
  • Delay time, from approximately 30ms to 1200ms –  The longer the delay time the more lo-fi the signal becomes, resulting in noise, distortion and other strange artifacts
  • Adjustable delay feedback – from slap-back on lower settings, to endless repeating and chaotic oscillations on higher settings
  • Reduceable the sample rate of the output signal, from a soft sparkly chime on lower settings to a total 8-bit fuzz sound
  • Pitch modulation of the delayed signal
  • Modulation rate toggle switch (LFO rates adjustatable with internal trimmer):
    • Left is a slow ‘wow and flutter’ style of modulation
    • Right is a faster chorus/vibrato rate
  • Overload footswitch – When held down it momentary maxes out both FEEDBACK controls.
  • Handmade in Newcastle, Australia
  • Powered by 9V DC power supply
    (standard 2.1mm, – center, 67 mA current draw)

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