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Brand Spotlight – Diamond Pedals


Diamond is back! A truly iconic and innovative pedal brand has been reborn, and they’re more creative, compact and cool than ever. I’ve got the new Compressor/EQ, Memory Lane Delay and Tremolo in hand, and I just think we should make some music with them.

Diamond, one of the original mastodons of the boutique pedal era sadly closed up shop back in late 2021. Luckily, my good pal Greg from SolidGoldFX decided to pick up the mantle and keep Diamond going. And with the recent brand relaunch, Greg and his team have shown that they are here to honor everything that made Diamond pedals so good, all while adding just the right enhancements to make the pedals feel both classic and modern at the same time. In short, this is how you bring a brand back from the dead.


My main gripe with a lot of compressors, is that their sweet spot is usually very narrow and you can quickly put your signal in a chokehold, but not with this one. It’s just like one big sonic sweet spot. It lifts and enhances what you already have, no matter how you set the controls, and with the new Tilt and Mids controls, this pedal has just become the perfect tone shaping tool.



This is one heck of a great sounding delay. It can deliver up to 1200ms of delay, so let’s hear the beautiful long ambient echoes this can produce to create a weaving pseudo-looping texture to enhance simple chords and melodies. And finally let’s hear how it handles more percussive and rhythmic playing.


It retains the all-analog design of the original, but pushes it well into 2023 and beyond with its new Rhythm and Chopper modes, giving you a pedal that lets you create everything from classic amp-like trem tones to deeply synthetic step-pattern sounds. The ultra-cool part about the new Tremolo is the chopper mode. Combine that with some fuzz, and you’re in synthy slicer heaven.

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Gear used:

Baum Guitars Wingman

Diamond Comp/EQ –
Diamond Memory Lane Delay –
Diamond Tremolo –
Caroline Guitar Co Hawaiian Pizza Fuzz –
Beautiful Noise Effects EXPLODER –
Boss IR-200 –

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Products in this video


Optical Compressor and Tilt EQ

2.090,00 DKK


Digital Bucket Brigade Delay

2.159,00 DKK


Advanced Classic Optical Tremolo

2.090,00 DKK

Hawaiian Pizza

Sweet and Savory Fuzz

1.869,00 DKK


Full-Range Distortion

2.019,00 DKK


Amp & IR Cabinet

3.449,00 DKK

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