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Diamond Pedals MEMORY LANE

Digital Bucket Brigade Delay

2.229,00 DKK

In stock and available

In stock and available

Product Description

Diamond Memory Lane

Reimagined Bucket Brigade delay

It. Is. Back.  

Blending analog companding, anti-aliasing|reconstruction filters with a bucket brigade style delay line, we have immaculately captured the ethereal essence of the original big-box Memory Lane using Diamond’s innovative digital Bucket Brigade Delay technology (dBBD). Basically what we’re saying is, you get all the goodness of the original Memory Lane in a smaller footprint, over double the delay time, extended frequency response, higher SNR, and at a fraction of the current draw.

This innovative progression of the Memory Lane is defined by 3 distinct delay lines to offer modern or vintage sounds.

Main Features

  • Delay Effects Pedal
  • Bucked Brigade style circuit using 3 distinct delay lines paired with analog companding, anti-aliassing/reconstruction filters
  • Using Diamonds original digital Bucket Brigade Delay technology
  • Up to 1200 ms delay time with lush modulated repeats
  • Offers modern and vintage style sounds
  • Improved Signal to Noise Ratio and frequency response
  • 3 delay styles:
    • Modern: static sampling rate, muted tempo change and 50 – 1200 ms delay time
    • Warm: darkened repeats, variable sampling rate and 150 – 1200 ms delay time
    • Vintage: variable sampling rate, 65 – 550 ms delay time and automatically halved tap tempo divisions
  • Tap Tempo with Sub-divisions via dedicated footswitch
  • Auto Div feature automatically doubles/halves tapped in delay tempo if outside of current mode’s time range
  • Doubler feature allows for instant doubling of the delay tempo
  • Advanced operation modes
    • Geezer Mode: mimics classic Memory Lane operation without secondary footswitch functions
    • Trails Mode: Delay signal will trail off according to Feedback knob setting when effect bypassed
    • Momentary/Latching Mode: offers momentary/latching switching for both Delay Modulation and Doubler Feature
  • Top-mounted jacks and soft touch relay switching
  • Hand-made in Montreal, Canada
  • Powered by a regular 9V DC PSU
    (centre -, 2,1 mm, ~45 mA current draw)


The Memory Lane Jr. circuit reincarnated. Our original compander equipped dBBD delay line delivering up to 1200ms of lush, modulated repeats.

The Memory Lane’s original fixed sampling rate delay line has been augmented with a new warm delay mode offering vintage BBD style variable sampling rate, warmer repeats and a 1200ms maximum delay time for gorgeous ambient delays as well as a new vintage mode designed to capture the magic of analog BBD delay pedals. Variable sampling rate, snappier repeats and 50ms-550ms delay times inspired by yesterday’s big box delays.

Advanced Features

GEEZER MODE: The Memory Lane has to have its classic operating mode. No frills, pure tone. GEEZER mode disables the secondary footswitch functions for those-seeking maximum simplicity. Hold the TAP|MODE toggle switch down during the entire LED power-up sequence to turn GEEZER mode on or off.

TRAILS MODE: In TRAILS mode, the delayed signal will trail off according to the FEEDBACK knob when the effect is bypassed. In non-trails mode, the delay will immediately kill the delayed signal when the effect is bypassed.

Hold the TAP|MODE toggle switch up during the entire LED power-up sequence to turn TRAILS mode on or off.

MOMENTARY | LATCHING MODE: the MODULATION and DOUBLER can operate in either:

1) Momentary |only while its footswitch is held down

2) Latching |toggled on and off when its footswitch is held down

Hold down the ON|MOD or TAP|DBL footswitch during the entire LED power-up sequence to change its respective operation.

All of our research and development has culminated into a unique sonic signature that can only be described as distinctly Memory Lane.

For the modern pedal-user’s needs. Space saving design, without any loss of quality. Features include top mounted jacks, Burr-Brown equipped buffered bypass with optional trails, tap tempo with subdivisions, AutoDiv, Doubler, momentary or latching modulation and more.


Additional information

Weight 0,400 kg
Dimensions 8,300 × 8,300 × 14,600 cm

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