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Founded in 2006 in Montreal, Canada by Greg Djerrahian, SolidGoldFX is a seasoned player in the pedal game, but over the last couple of years, they’ve gone through quite an evolution.

It all started out as a way for Greg to profess his love to legendary pedals of the past, and his If 6 was 9 still stands as one of the best takes on the Fuzz Face ever, but over the years it’s evolved into something more. A quest for conceiving and creating legendary tones of his own. The riveting results include the fuzzy filtered synth tones of the Lysis MkII and 76 Plus, the cascading multi-tap echoes of the EM-III, and the otherworldly yet nostalgia-inducing Oblivion Quad Flanger and NU-33 Vinyl Engine.

SolidGoldFX have proven that the right path is always your own path, wherever it takes you.

“To me, SolidGoldFX is the most underrated brand currently in the pedal biz. With the release of their amazing Lysis a couple of years ago, they truly found their place in the pedal world by focusing on unique effect combos, and they’ve been absolutely mind-blowing since then. In my opinion, Lysis MkII, NU-33, Oblivion and EM-III are must-try pedals!”


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