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Providence S101 – 1,0M S/L

Instrument Cable – 1 m, straight/angled

369,00 DKK

Stock coming soon - pre-order available

ETA: 2-4 Weeks

Stock coming soon - pre-order available

Product Description

Providence S101 – 1,0M S/L

S101 Platinium STUDIO – 1 m straight/angled

The Premium Link series S101 model combines an NSC2 OFC conductor with a new NAP elastomer insulator material in an original Providence design that accurately transmits all of your signal, from lows to highs, for outstanding definition and presence.

Long cable runs often result in attenuated highs and a thin sound, but the S101 cable has been designed to minimize such problems in recording applications, when multiple effect units are used, or over long distances on spacious stages, answering the needs of musicians who want optimum signal transfer under difficult conditions. The NAP elastomer insulation also results in a lighter, more flexible cable compared to previous types.*

A super-highdensity braided shield plus carbon-impregnated conductive vinyl sheath effectively shut out electromagnetic noise, shielding your sound from high-frequency TV and radio interference as well as noise from motors and similar sources.

Gold-plated one-piece Providence NP-14G or NP-14GL (L-angle) plugs provide optimum matching with the S101 sound.
* In-house comparison.

Main Features:

  • Providence Instrument Cable
  • NCS2 OFC conductor
  • Conductor-Size: 0.50mm2
  • Construction: 100/0.08OFC (No./mm), Diameter : 0.92mm
  • Insulation-Thickness: 1.79mm(±0.05mm), Diameter: 4.50mm
  • Inner Jacket-Thickness: 0.25mm, Diameter: 5.00mm
  • Shield-Diameter: 5.50mm
  • Jacket-Thickness: 0.75mm(±0.10mm)
  • Outer Diameter : 7.00mm
  • Maximum conductor resistance (20°C): 35.30≧(Ω/km)
  • Capacitance(1kHz): Approx.60(pF/m)
  • Gold-plated one-piece Providence NP-14G or NP-14GL (L-angle) plugs

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