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Stringjoy Orbiters Balanced Light 10-48

.010, .0135, .017, .026w, .036, .048

159,00 DKK

In stock and available

In stock and available

Product Description

Stringjoy Orbiters
Coated Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

Stringjoy Orbiters coated electric guitar strings are a complete re-imagining of coated strings. Made by a small team in Nashville, TN, USA, Stringjoy’s Orbiters are not coated over top of the finished string. Instead they use an individually pre-coated nickel-plated steel wrap wire with a special enamel coating over an uncoated high-carbon steel core wire in order to give you the best of both coated and uncoated worlds.

While traditional coated strings have a thick coating that changes the way the guitar string feels and leads to an unnatural, dampened sound, Stringjoy’s hybrid approach results in the longevity typically associated with coated strings but creates a very bright string that sounds very much un-coated.

Their special high-mass winding technique tightly packs the coated wrap wire around the un-coated core wire, forming an impermeable barrier, completely protecting it without actually having to coat it, as so many other companies do.

Known for their quality control, Stringjoy strings are wound in small batches, by real human beings at every step of the process: the winding, the coiling, the packing, you name it.
Every string is inspected individually before it goes into your set. If anything is wrong with a string, from the way it’s secured around the ball end, through the entire winding, it doesn’t make the cut.

Stringjoy’s Coated Nickel Wound Orbiters last long, feel natural, and have a resonance previously unheard of in coated electric guitar strings.

Main Features:

  • Coated Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings
  • Top quality special enamel-coated Nickel-Plated Steel wound around a high-carbon hexagonal steel core wire
  • High-Mass winding technique tightly packs the coated wrap wire around the uncoated core to provide an impermeable barrier to dirt and sweat – for higher output, fuller tone and improved longevity
  • Natural-feeling, bright-sounding strings with high output
  • More balanced feel across wound and plain strings
  • Longer string life and improved individual note response when playing chords
  • Made in Nashville Tennessee, USA

Additional information

Weight 0,070 kg
Dimensions 11,5 × 11,5 × 1,8 cm

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