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Collision Devices TARS – Silver on White

Fuzz Filter

2.999,00 DKK

In stock and available

In stock and available

Product Description

Collision Devices TARS

Fuzz Filter

The TARS is a concept pedal combining the guitar and synth worlds this time not throwing you into a black hole! It rockets through the Ergosphere and Horizon to disintegrate directly in its center, the Singularity.

Derived from the flagship Black Hole Symmetry, the TARS is inspired by its Singularity fuzz section and adds a gain setting allowing it to go from grainy low-gain sounds to round and powerful fuzz/distortion tones.

It also offers a filter inspired by the legendary Korg MS-20 in order to create fuzzy-noisy textures and cut through the mix. The filter is controlled via 2 faders for a unique tweaking experience by hand as well as with the expression input to sweep through the frequency range of your vertiginous dive into the Singularity!

Main Features:

  • Low-Pass Filter/Fuzz Effects Pedal
  • Filter based on a LM13700 stage with low pas filter cutt-of frequency of the MS-20 style low-pass filter – from
  • Fuzz circuit of the Black Hole Symmetry pedal
  • J-FET transistor input stage
  • Adjustable attenuation curve with 2P/4P switch
    • 2P at -12dB/octave
    • 4P at -24dB/octave.
  • Add Fuzz switch for adding an extra unfiltered fuzz signal
  • S-// serial/parallel switch – puts the fuzz through the filter or runs both effects in parallel
  • EXP/CV input- for controlling the CutOff fader externally
  • Made in France
  • Powered by 9V DC power supply
            (2.1 mm barrel plug, – center, 150 mA current draw)


Like all robots it is completely unable to take any decision by itself and is programmed to reach the center of the closest black hole. TARS was born to bring audio files inside a black hole through a space capsule and measure how it is distorted when sucked by a black hole. In concrete terms, a list of the favorite albums selected with care were played in In concrete terms, a list of the favorite albums selected with care were played in the capsule and a bunch of microphones eruditely placed were continuously recording the sound.

TARS has no ears but a piezo microphone to detect if the music stopped or if anything is suspect in the broadcasting. Like all robots it has no soul and does the same task again and again until its programmed death. Or until a huge amount of smoke let its components burn on the ground. Or until a huge amount of smoke let its components burn on the ground.

The story tells that when the spaceship going into the black hole hit a massive object – TARS has been ejected in a space capsule. Joël the astronaut there in the spaceship saw the tiny robot going away. Until he could not see it anymore.

TARS’ fuzz part comes from the Black Hole Symmetry. The part named Singularity with the Disintegrate control. It has been improved to create fuzzy-noisy textures. It has been improved to create fuzzy-noisy textures. Cut through the mix with the different filter possibilites or sweep between the frequencies to create huge waves of noise.

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