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EarthQuaker Devices White Light Reissue

Limited Edition Overdrive

1.559,00 DKK

Stock coming soon - pre-order available

ETA: 31st March 2023

Stock coming soon - pre-order available

Product Description

EarthQuaker Devices White Light Reissue

Limited Edition Overdrive

The White Light is your favorite artist’s favorite pedal. The formerly impossible-to-find White Light is a hard-clipping vintage voiced dirt pedal that takes its cues from the vintage dirt pedals that defined the sounds of heavy rock. Think OD250 or Distortion+ without being overly derivative, a new voice to an old sound if you will.

The White Light gives you total control over the feel and voice of the dirt, along with a modern presence that is highly responsive to your playing. We think you’ll find that it is much more dynamic, open and harmonically rich than these classic overdrives it shares its lineage with.

Main Features:

  • Overdrive / Distortion effects pedal
  • Reissue of a classic EQD overdrive circuit
  • Limited to 2000 units worldwide
  • Based on the OD205 and Distortion+ circuit
  • Dynamic, open, and harmonically rich hard clipping vintage voiced dirt device
  • Compression switch lets you fine-tune the character of the distortion
    • Minus (-): open with more high-mids and bite.
    • Plus (+): crunchy and compressed with a bit less bite and a flatter mid-response.
  • Weight control adjusts saturation and low end
  • True bypass
  • Top-mount ted jacks for ease of pedalboard use
  • Silent relay-based switching with Flexi-Switch® Technology
  • Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU
            (centre -, 2,1 mm, ~10 mA current draw)

While the pedal’s Weight control allows you to adjust the saturation and low end, giving you plenty of tonal shaping options, the Gain control goes from clean to a nice crunchy overdrive tone, and there is plenty of output volume on tap to flame-broil the input of any amplifier.

The Compression switch lets you fine-tune the character of the distortion; choose between an open-voiced overdrive with more high mids and bite or more compression with less bite and a flatter mid response.

This limited reissue is the same White Light circuit but in our now standard-size enclosure, with top-mounted jacks and Flexi-Switch Technology.

Additional information

Weight 0,37 kg
Dimensions 14,6 × 8,25 × 8,25 cm

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