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Old Blood Noise Endeavors BL-52 Phase Repeater

Variable-Clock Phase Repeater

1.629,00 DKK

Stock coming soon - pre-order available

ETA: Early May

Stock coming soon - pre-order available

Product Description

Old Blood Noise Endeavors BL-52 Phase Repeater

Variable Clock Phase Repeater

Further pushing the boundary of clock-defined pedals, the latest entry in Old Blood Noise Endeavors’ BL series is a Phase Repeater, in the process making a genre entirely of its own.

Phase repetition takes the modulation of a phaser and applies it to the realm of time, creating a completely unique sound and more like delay or reverb than its namesake phaser. First used in the OBNE Dweller pedal, the BL-52 Phase Repeater represents a new spin on the sound, with simple controls including a Clock slider that enlightens the timing of everything in the pedal.

Main Features:

  • Phase Repeater Effects Pedal
  • Creates sounds that are between phaser, delay and reverb tones, by applying the modulation of a phaser to time
  • Simple, yet interactive control layout – gives immediate tactile experience that encourages experimentation
  • Clock slider – changes the delay time, LFO speed and overall fidelity of the effect, from faster repeats to time-stretched lo-fi
  • Feedback knob – enhances the intensity of the phase repetition by further lengthening the trails
  • Wet/Dry Mix control
  • Soft-touch bypass switching
  • Pedalboard friendly size
  • Made in the USA
  • Powered by 9V DC PSU
            (centre -, 2,1 mm, ~110 mA current draw)

At a point, describing sound feels like describing time: the fourth dimensional perplexity of it all! Of course, this makes sense in that time being intermingled with sound and frequencies only existing over a period of time, whatnot. We spend a lot of time thinking about all-pass filters, you and I. How they pass all frequencies, but at different times. How this, in the digital realm, can create a phaser or a reverb, depending on how much memory you allow it and thus, how much of the fourth dimension it’s playing with at any given… well, time.

BL-52 is what we call a phase repeater pedal. It’s an effect we stumbled upon in our Dweller pedal development, living somewhere between phaser, delay and reverb, as it creates a series of repeats both unexpected and pleasing. It’s digital trickery to do something quite unfamiliar and once you’ve bonded with it, is irreplaceable.

The BL-52 Phase Repeater is solely focused on that effect, with the Clock control setting the timing of the entire system: the sample rate that determines signal fidelity, the timing of the phase repetition and the speed of the LFO that shapes the diffusion of the repetition.

In short, it is an effect that does not require exactness, but rather openness to where the repetition will lead you.

Additional information

Weight 0,49 kg
Dimensions 14,3 × 13,4 × 8 cm

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