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Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal

Expression Pedal with 2x 6.3mm TRS and 1x 3.5 mm TRS outputs

979,00 DKK

In stock and available

In stock and available

Product Description

Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal

MIDI Interface / Port Expander

The Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal delivers precision response and smooth action in a durable cast aluminum housing. Dual TRS expression outputs make it possible to control two effects units simultaneously. The pedal is compatible with the very common Boss/Roland style (“tip hot”) expression input. The Range Adjust Knob sets the bottom point of the expression range. Plus, a special Sensor Output connects directly to any Hot Hand®, Soundblox®, Soundblox 2, or Soundblox Pro pedal for real-time control over filter sweeps, effect modulation, LFO speeds, wet/dry mixes, drive levels and more.

Main Features:

  • Dual Expression Pedal
  • Expression pedal for controlling 2 EXP enabled effects pedals or one EXP enabled effects and one Source Audio Soundblox, Soundblox2, Soundblox Pro, Hot Hand Effects pedal.
  • 50k Ohm passive expression outputs
  • Compatible with tip-hot (+) expression inputs used by most manufacturers
  • Left side outputs (not usable simultaneously):
    • 50k Ohm passive 6.3 mm TRS Expression Output – for controlling EXP enabled effects pedals
    • Source Audio 3.5 mm TRS Sensor Output – for controlling Source Audio Soundblox, Soundblox2, Soundblox Pro or One Series Effects pedal.
  • Right side output:
    • 50k Ohm passive 6.3 mm TRS Expression Output with Range potentiometer – for controlling EXP enabled effects pedals for adjusting this output’s range
  • No power required

This rugged, cast-aluminum expression pedal features two independent Expression Outputs as well as a Sensor Output for use with Source Audio Soundblox effects pedals.  The dual TRS expression outputs allows the SA161 to control two Soundblox Pro (or other 3rd-party ) units simultaneously. The SA161 outputs are arranged on either side of the pedal.   The two outputs have different functionality and are completely independent circuits.

OUTPUT 1 (right side):

  • EXP OUT 1 (TRS): 50 kOhm passive expression output.  Connect to an expression input on Soundblox Pro or 3rd party effects pedals using the included ¼inch TRS cable.
  • SENSOR OUTPUT: Connect to the SENSOR INPUT on Soundblox, Soundblox 2, Soundblox Pro, and Hot Hand effects pedals. Connect using the included 4conductor 3.5mm cable.

OUTPUT 2 (left side):

  • EXP OUT 2 (TRS): 50 kOhm passive expression output.
  • RANGE ADJUST: an additional 50 kOhm adjustment potentiometer is arranged in series with the EXP OUT 2 potentiometer. When the knob is fully clockwise, the range adjust has no effect.  The knob can be turned counter-clockwise to reduce the range of the EXP OUT 2 pot.


Additional information

Weight 1,14 kg
Dimensions 26,7 × 11,5 × 8,4 cm

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