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Source Audio KINGMAKER Fuzz

Advanced Stereo Fuzz

1.709,00 DKK

In stock and available

In stock and available

Product Description

Source Audio KINGMAKER Fuzz

Advanced Stereo Fuzz

Inside the KINGMAKER Fuzz‘s compact enclosure live the sizzling tones of over 50 years of fuzz and overdrive technology.

This powerful stereo effects pedal features a collection of meticulously crafted Fuzz sounds ranging from subtly driven sustain to highly saturated fuzz to screaming octave fuzz and beyond. With a simple control set, the KINGMAKER can work in a wide variety of musical settings, and the powerful MIDI and Neuro control options under the hood provide access to a vast array of additional tonal possibilities.

Main Features:

  • Overdrive effects pedal
  • 3 distinct Fuzz engines
    • Heavy: the extreme in guitar fuzz with plenty of low-end and endless sustain that creates a “violin”-like sound
    • Normal: generates a vintage fuzz that is a bit cleaner and highly transparent – delivers that damaged speaker sound that has graced so many great records
    • Octave: generates a soaring octave-up effect along with some very nasty fuzz
  • 128 presets accessible via MIDI
  • Deep customization features accessible via Source Audio Neuro App and Desktop Editor
  • Stereo Inputs and outputs – for multiple advanced routing options
  • Mini USB Port for PC connectivity (Windows and Mac compatible) and remote control
  • 3.5 mm control port – for connecting compatible Source Audio control devices
  • Selectable Relay True or Buffered Bypass Switching
  • Included 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm TRS cable to connect to mobile device
  • Powered by (included) 9V DC power supply(2.1 mm plug, center -, 165 mA current draw)

The KINGMAKER includes three basic fuzz types, with more effects available in the Neuro mobile app.

  • Heavy: The Heavy circuit offers the extreme in guitar fuzz. Plenty of low-end and endless sustain creates a “violin” like fuzz.
  • Normal: The Normal circuit generates a vintage fuzz that is a bit cleaner than the Heavy circuit. This highly transparent fuzz delivers that damaged speaker sound that has graced so many great records.
  • Octave: The Octave circuit generates a soaring octave up effect along with some very nasty fuzz. Try turning down the tone knob on your guitar to really bring out the higher octave.

Additional Effect Types Additional effect types can be loaded into the KINGMAKER using the Neuro App on your mobile device (iOS / Android) or the built-in USB port (Mac / Windows). The KINGMAKER Fuzz is compatible with Source Audio’s Overdrive and Distortion effects, so it is possible to load Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz effects on the KINGMAKER at the same time.

The KINGMAKER Fuzz is clearly not a typical stompbox – its sleek exterior looks fairly straight-forward, but this machine was built with serious under-the-hood muscle. Out of the box it offers outstanding tonal range and a super-simple set of controls, but dig a little deeper and discover the hidden power and flexibility of this stompbox. With the Neuro Editor’s 40+ additional overdrive, fuzz, and distortion engines combined with a massive set of adjustable parameters, the KINGMAKER is the platform on which to craft your perfect drive pedal.

On its own the KINGMAKER features three killer fuzz tones including a highly saturated yet articulate fuzz for violin-like lead tones and pummeling rhythm, a responsive fuzz that cleans up nicely with reduced input signal, and an octave circuit that unleashes a screaming, octave fuzz in the style of vintage Octavio pedals.

Job one in the development of the Source Audio One Series overdrive pedals – The L.A. Lady Overdrive, KINGMAKER Fuzz, and AFTERSHOCK Bass Distortion – was to create three great sounding, flexible, and easy-to-use pedals. Out of the box, that’s exactly what they are – plug ‘em in, select from the three onboard overdrive engines and make beautiful music… simple. But there is much more here than meets the eye (and ear) – the truly “Big Idea” behind our One Series overdrive pedals was to give musicians a second, far deeper, set of options and editing tools with which to craft the perfect tone.

The Neuro Desktop Editor and Mobile App are free downloads for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows machines. The Neuro Editors vastly expand the tonal possibilities of the pedals, offering a huge collection of additional drive, fuzz, and distortion engines as well as an expanded set of editing parameters.

Connect the KINGMAKER to the Neuro Desktop Editor or Mobile App (free download for iOS,Android, Mac, and Windows) and access a massive collection of additional overdrive, fuzz and distortion tones with extended parametric EQ capabilities, stereo routing options, and internal stacking functionality.


Additional information

Weight 0,45 kg
Dimensions 16,5 × 15,7 × 6,4 cm

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