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Source Audio MERCURY Flanger

Advanced Stereo Flanger

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In stock and available

In stock and available

Product Description

Source Audio MERCURY Flanger

Advanced Stereo Flanger

Leave vapor trails in the sky with this powerful stereo flanger pedal. The MERCURY Flanger has three effect types: Classic mode offers a deep and dramatic effect in the style of the earliest flanger pedals, Thru-Zero (a.k.a. “Tape Flange”) dramatically delivers the distinguishable twisting effect that occurs when the dry and modulating signals reach their intersection point, and the Shadow flanger offers a highly resonant yet silky smooth tone, with the jet engine “whoosh” flange fanatics crave. The MERCURY also includes an on-board Delay control to explore that beautiful cosmic space between chorus and flanger.

Main Features:

  • Flanger effects pedal
  • 3 flavors of Flanger
    • Classic: some of the earliest incarnations of tremolo from the 60s
    • Thru-Zero: recreates a unique circuit included in some “brownface” amps made between 1959 and 1963 that alternately modulates the levels of the bass and treble bands in the audio signal – very pleasing and complex tremolo reminiscent of phaser tones
    • Shadow: emulates modulating the bias voltage of the tubes in an amplifier pushing them in and out of saturation – warm pulsing sound with mild distortion created by the tube saturation
  • 3 different wave shapes that can be morphed through seamlessly
    • Square
    • Opto / Sine
    • Saw Tooth
  • 128 presets accessible via MIDI
  • Deep customization features accessible via Source Audio Neuro App and Desktop Editor
  • Stereo Inputs and outputs – for multiple advanced routing options
  • Mini USB Port for PC connectivity (Windows and Mac compatible) and remote control
  • 3.5 mm control port – for connecting compatible Source Audio control devices
  • Selectable Relay True or Buffered Bypass Switching
  • Included 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm TRS cable to connect to mobile device
  • Powered by (included) 9V DC power supply(2.1 mm plug, center -, 165 mA current draw)

The MERCURY includes three basic effect types, with more effects available in the Neuro mobile app.

  • Classic: The Classic Flanger effect combines the original dry input signal with a single modulating clone signal, creating the simple sound of two voices in unison. It is very similar to the classic chorus effect except that the delay time is relatively long in a chorus effect and relatively short in a flanger effect.
  • Thru-Zero: The Thru-Zero Flanger effect tries to recreate the original tape flange effect in which the two tape machines would alternately be slowed down and sped up so that their signals would pass in front of and behind each other. Obviously, this is a difficult feat to pull off during a live performance (without the assistance of a time machine). The MERCURY achieves this effect with two delay lines, one of which is very short, but stationary, which functions as the dry signal – the other signal modulates. As the modulating signal passes through and moves ahead of the stationary tap, we hear the classic through zero twist (a split second of complete phase cancellation) as the frequency response inverts.
  • Shadow: The Shadow Flanger effect features two modulating signals. This setup generates a more animated flanging effect, with the primarily flange closely shadowed by a subtle, more resonant reflection.

Additional Effect Types Additional effect types can be loaded into the MERCURY using the Neuro App on your mobile device (iOS and Android). The MERCURY Flanger is compatible with Source Audio’s Phaser and Chorus effects, so it is possible to load chorus, phaser, and flanger effects on the MERCURY at the same time.

Out of the box, the MERCURY Flanger offers tremendous tonal range, but beneath the hood resides the full power and flexibility of this dynamic stompbox. Every pedal in the One Series line is compatible with the Neuro Mobile App (a free download for iOS and Android). Link the MERCURY to the Neuro App and access Source Audio’s free library of additional phaser, flanger, and chorus algorithms – each can be downloaded directly to your pedal. The Neuro App also offers an extended set of adjustable parameters including Wet/Dry Mix, Output Level, Tremolo, a Parametric EQ, Lo Retain, Advanced Signal Routing, and more. Plus, every One Series pedal is fully MIDI compatible when coupled with the Neuro Hub (formerly Soundblox Hub), giving you the power to save up to 128 presets.

Job one in the development of the Source Audio One Series modulation pedals – the GEMENI Chorus, LUNAR Phaser, and MERCURY Flanger – was to create three great sounding, flexible, and easy-to-use pedals. Out of the box, that’s exactly what they are – plug ‘em in, select from the three onboard flanger, phaser, or chorus engines and make beautiful music… simple. But there is much more here than meets the eye (and ear) – the truly “Big Idea” behind our One Series modulation pedals was to give musicians a second, far deeper, set of options and editing tools with which to craft the perfect tone. The Neuro Mobile App is a free downloadfor iOS and Android. The Neuro basically gives you access to the effects of all three pedals, so when you buy any one of the LUNAR Phaser, MERCURY Flanger or GEMINI Chorus, you’re essentially buying all three. The Neuro Editors offer a huge collection of chorus, flanger, and phaser engines as well as an expanded set of editing parameters. After editing your preset, burn it directly to the pedal and access it without reconnecting the Neuro App.


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Weight 0,45 kg
Dimensions 16,5 × 15,7 × 6,4 cm

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